Learn Calligraphy With Me



Are you looking to level up your crafting skills for your business or an upcoming special event that you’re looking to do it yourself?

Picking up a new skill can be very time consuming if you’re not sure where to start. One-on-one lesson with me will cover everything you need to know to make sure your lettering journey start smoothly.

From how to sit properly (and comfortably), to how you hold the pen. and how to practice effectively. In 2 hours we cover all the basic, I analyze your strokes closely and you will leave feeling satisfied with brand new skills to practice. It is also incredibly relaxing!


Looking for a professional calligrapher to teach a group of friends or for your events? I’m your person!

Having over 5 years of experience facilitating on-boarding from my corporate HR job have well equipped me in creating positive and friendly atmosphere in front of group of people.

In 2 hours, your group will learn everything you need to start modern calligraphy. From how to sit properly, how to hold the pen, how to stay consistent with your strokes and best way to practice. Plus, each student will receive a personalized keepsake from me.



Do I need to know cursive writing to learn calligraphy?

No, cursive is complete different from calligraphy. You are not required to know how to write cursive to learn calligraphy.

Do I have to have a nice hand writing to pick up calligraphy?

Calligraphy is like drawing strokes. It requires you to lift your pen after every stroke. Writing is continuous and the main purpose is to communicate a message. Whether you have pretty hand writing or not it won’t make a difference if you’ll be able to pick up calligraphy or not. The key is to practice and gain memory muscles to draw the strokes consistently.

I’m left handed. Can I still pick up this new skill?

Absolutely! There are lots of left-handed calligrapher put there. The way that you’re positioning the paper may be different from right-handed people but it’s definitely not a barrier to pick up calligraphy.

What are the things I can do with calligraphy?

Personalizing gifts for your loved ones, journaling, create beautiful signage, even start a business!

I really loved the workshop. Telisa ensured we were in a quiet and relaxing environment. She even played nature sounds in the background and asked us to focus on our breathing. I felt like it was a self-care session and the calligraphy was a bonus! Telisa is an amazing teacher and her personality is very bubbly & friendly. The class size was small so it felt very intimate and Telisa took the time to ensure each one of us were doing the strokes correctly. We got some notes & supplies too so we didn’t have to bring anything. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to start their journey with calligraphy.
— F.F.
I have attended Telisa’s caligraphy workshop at Ramadan Market and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Telisa is a breath of fresh air! She has a very unique style to her caligraphy and she taught us her techniques in a way that was easy to understand. Definitely recommend her workshop and service for anyone interested in caligraphy or just learning something cool!
— T.M.