My calligraphy journey begin with me on my maternity leave in March 2018. Having dabbed in the other arts, from painting to graphic design, my passion lied with calligraphy and lettering.

I started lettering on an iPad so I didn’t have to waste much paper when practicing. I found myself lettering hours upon hours every night just to get that perfect line and curve.

After gaining more confidence, I transitioned my art not just on paper but other hard surfaces (mirrors, wood planks, tupperware, leafs, you name it!).

Having picked up this passion, while learning more and more, I decided to take the plunge and start a business in my efforts to share my work with you all.

Along this journey, I’ve met so many wonderful people to help bring their vision to life, and I cannot wait to bring yours to life too.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop me a line (below) for any queries and orders you have. Or we can have a chat about how great The Office show is.