Calligraphy and Hand Engraving Live Events


Have an upcoming event where you need your guests/customers to experience something new? Welcome them with a live action of item personalization that they get to take home as a keepsake or gifts for someone special. On-site services include:

  • Calligraphy on any surface; paper or non-paper.

  • Hand Engraving on any glass or metal surface with name, monograms or special words. My equipment is portable and quiet.

I am very comfortable interacting with clients and I love the instant gratitude and smiles of their faces when they see calligraphy in action right in front of them.

Chat with me about your vision and concept to discuss what’s feasible in a fast-past event atmosphere. I am available in Toronto and GTA.

We worked with Telisa for her live calligraphy services for one of our events - when I interviewed her via phone, I sensed immediately that should would be a wonderful fit - she was responsive, easy to work with, positive, professional, and had a can-do spirit. Her calligraphy was spot on and beautiful, and was such a meaningful addition to our activation. Her rate was also competitive and fair per the quality of work she produced and how nicely she engaged with our guests. We would definitely consider her again for future events.
— Clif Bar
I had the pleasure of working with Telisa at an event we had. She was extremely professional to work with. She really worked with us well to figure out what would be best for our audience. Telisa was great at interacting with our event attendees. Everyone was really excited to get their bookmarks personalized and it was one of the favourite items people receive from our event. It’s definitely a keep sake that people will have forever. I would definitely recommend working with Telisa if you’re looking to add a touch of personalization and to make your guests feel very special because that’s something that she’s very good at.

My favourite part about working with Telisa was that her work speaks for itself. Of course she’s a pleasure to work with but her work itself, the quality of it and the consistency and the speed at which she can do things is very impressive and I’ve never seen anything like this before.
— Once Upon a Book Fair, Salam Sudduf